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For this new season, we have made the choice to create an online fundraising campaign. Indeed, we are currently facing a financial situation that prevents us from maintaining a peaceful working environment. The reality is that high-level sports are not accessible to everyone, and the support remains very limited despite the successful podiums. The national organisations do not provide enough support for us to practice our sport at a high level, and we have reached a point where we need more to train effectively.

We have a dual project; we work and we are students. However, our sport still requires resources that we can no longer fully afford. A season costs around 80,000€, which is the budget we need to train and perform. Currently, we are missing half of that amount. So we are reaching out to passionate people like us, to those who would like to see our project evolve, to help us in our sports and artistic career. Whether it's a small, medium, or large amount (let's be ambitious!), it would greatly assist us in pursuing our dream. We are also aware of the value of money and make sacrifices every day to continue our path in this sport that we are so passionate about.

Thank you for taking the time to read our message. Thank you for sharing and/or contributing according to your means. It means a lot to us. This request was not an easy choice to make.


Long live skating!



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